The 8th Mobile Photography Awards – The Winners in Pictures

19 February 2019

Photographer Dominika Koszowska has been crowned the overall winner of the eighth annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) with a portfolio of images that the judges described as ‘a playful exploration of scale that bestows a sense of majesty and wonder to her subjects’.

Dominika, a graphic designer and fine art photographer from Poland, beat 7,000 other entries from photographers from more than 65 countries to receive the Grand Prize.

‘The advantage of mobile photography is that I always have my phone with me.  I can quickly edit and share it…I can easily blend in with the crowd without being paid attention.  The cost of taking a picture is really non-existent,’ said Dominika.

Started in 2011, MPA recognises and celebrates the talent and imagery of the mobile photo and art communities. It runs an annual competition from October to December and themed exhibits with international open calls throughout the year.

This year’s main contest featured 20 categories, including landscapes, portraits, black and white, photojournalism, nature and wildlife.  See more of the winning images below…

By Dominika Koszowska, 8th MPA Grand Prize Winner
‘The excellence of her craft is evident throughout the range of her work. From portraits to landscapes, Dominika portrays her subjects with care and confidence. She attains both a technical and emotional achievement in her work.’ MPA Founder Daniel Berman

The Sulphur Mining Workers by Dan Liu, Winner of the Photo Essay category, 8th MPA

Giza Pyramids by Luis Figueroa, winner of the Travel & Adventure category, 8th MPA

Solomon by Tim Bingham, winner of the Portraits category, 8th MPA

Art of the White Stone by Min Min Zaw, winner of the Black & White category, 8th MPA

On the Roof of the World by Tommaso Aguzzi. winner of the Nature & Wildlife category, 8th MPA

Sunshine by Glenn Homann, winner of the People category, 8th MPA

Running on Empty by Laurence Bouchard, winner of the Street category, 8th MPA

Etive Mor by Tim Day, winner of the Landscapes category, 8th MPA

Night Walk in Hong Kong by Nobuko Kamiya, winner of the The Darkness category, 8th MPA

Winter’s Arrival by Katrina Stewart, winner of the Water/Snow/Ice category, 8th MPA