Adidas announces winner of £10,000 photography commission

Adidas is excited to announce Alice Mann as the winner of the £10,000 Breaking Barriers photography prize.

Accompanied by a British Journal of Photography journalist, Alice Mann will delve into these tight-knit communities, explore their stories and create a narrative-led photographic series around them. From exploring the group dynamics of each team to understanding the experiences and motivations of individual members, and the positive role that football plays in their lives both on and off the pitch.

Studio 1854’s in-house creative team will collaborate with the photographer on the commission from conception to completion. Ahead of the commission start-date, Studio 1854 will cast a range of female football clubs to be featured.


“I am interested in the human element of the story and the communities that have formed,” says the photographer. “The work does not need to be about these individuals as football players – it can be about them as people in the context of the sport.” For the next two weeks, Mann will immerse herself in the everyday lives of players from a number of different London-based teams and create a new body of work around them.

The adidas Breaking Barriers commission brings together adidas’ She Breaks Barriers initiative, which inspires and enables the next generation of female athletes, creators, and leaders, and Female in Focus – a new award from British Journal of Photography that seeks to celebrate exceptional female-identifying photographers.


Featured images : Previous works of Alice Mann